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Following five great trips to Taroudant in 2015, 2017, 2019, 2022 and 2024, we're running another week there in March 2026. This week will be at the Ecolodge with pool and garden.


  Mountain view           town walls

 See the brochure as available on the venue's website - different content to this page NB this is the 2024 brochure, 2026 is in preparation

Some relevant dance experience is essential - Circle Dance or World Dance; or International Folk Dance (e.g. E. Europe, Russia, Armenia,Israel etc - circle and line dances) if you are happy to fit in with the different approach taken in Circle Dance. The reason for this is that we do not want to go back to square one in the teaching, either in terms of steps or in terms of getting the point of what circle dance is all about. We do not do lots of very complicated dances, though there will be the odd few that some may find a little more challenging. But I don't want to have to explain what a grapevine step is, for example, or that we sometimes hold a silence at the end of a dance.



Venue  La Maison Anglaise, an award winning ethically-run guest house at the ancient walled market town of Taroudant.

We’ll be looked after in Morocco by the 9 staff, who are experienced in running successful circle dance holidays and who manage the programme, guide, drive and cook for you.

The new premises - the Ecolodge - has a large (8 metres x 8 metres) indoor dance space, and the option to dance outdoors in a large space at the end of the gardens - we danced outdoors most nights in 2024. Bedrooms - and everything else except the roof terrace - are on the ground floor. No stairs! There is a pool and lovely gardens. There is a small solar-powered hammam and a massage room, though there is still  option of a visit to a local hammam.

Much more info is at LA MAISON ANGLAISE website. You can also see many reviews on TripAdvisor. La Maison Anglaise also supports a variety of charitable and community projects.

Meals The venue is renowned for its food. The cost includes breakfasts and vegetarian evening meals (meat or fish at extra cost), and lunches every day except one, when lunch is an optional extra. Special diets are catered for.

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Prices & booking details; 2024 to be confirmed - 2022 was £700 per person sharing a twin/double room, possibility of some single rooms. Some non-dancing friends or partners are welcome. Details and link to booking form are on the brochure NB this is the 2024 brochure, 2026 is in preparation. For any queries about the venue, flight options, and Morocco, email or phone Jane Bayley - Contact; Jane at (replace "at" with @"), tel: +44 (0)1239 803131.

Getting there The nearest airport is Agadir, which is just 50 minutes drive from Taroudant. There are flights from Manchester and Gatwick on Wednesdays. Airport transfers are included for the flights that we agree work best for the group. In any case don't book a flight until Jane confirms we have enough dancers and which flights are going to work best for the group. For non-UK dancers, look for flights to Agadir, and liaise with Jane. NB you must take out your own travel insurance - please do this when you book, so you are covered in case you have to cancel for any reason.

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Programme  The "default" plan is at least 10 hours of Circle Dance in the evenings. We usually fit in some extra daytime dancing too; that is easier now with the new dance space. Some dance experience is needed - e.g. Circle Dance, World Dance, or International Folk Dance - see above.

Also available at extra cost are various excursions and cultural experiences, e.g  a tour around town in a traditional horse-drawn taxi, walking in the High Atlas Mountains, massage, henna tattoos, shopping in the souk, oasis trip..... Lots to do! The programme may vary on each holiday - see LA MAISON ANGLAISE website activites page. And you may want to just laze in the sun, use the pool, or spend time wandering round the town....

See also the La Maison Anglaise general page on Dance and Culture holidays.

Photo; Paul Boizot

About me  I live in York, UK,  and have taught dance since 1992. I have been told I am very clear in my teaching, and I like to teach with some humour. I particularly like Balkan, Romanian and Greek traditional dances as well as some modern and meditational ones. My choreographies include Ever-Flowing Spring, Ebb And Flow, Twilight, Here Now, Dreamers' Song, Shadows Of Greece, and Circle Mazurka.  I also sing, drum and play bouzouki. For more info, see DANCE & MUSIC.

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